Tips for Proofing Your Print Order

When you order a print job at, you have the option of selecting the method of proof you would like for your project. Our most popular option is our digital online proof.  With this proofing method selected, you will receive a link in your email that will take you to a page with several buttons for downloading a .pdf of your print-ready file.

You can choose to download the “High-Res” version (high-resolution, much larger file, we recommend this), or the “Low-Res” version (much smaller, but down sampled quality, and recommended for viewing on your SmartPhone). Once you download your proof to your computer, be sure you are viewing your proof using Adobe Acrobat Professional with OVERPRINT PREVIEW ON. If you do not have Adobe Professional, the Overprint Preview can also be turned on or off in the Adobe Reader preferences. This video shows the settings:

After reviewing your proof, you may click either the “Approve Proof” button or the “Upload New Files” button. Alternatively, if you see that your job is in the department of “Prepress” and has the status of “Proof Email Sent” but you have not received a link to your proof, you can log into your Client Dashboard, click on the job in “Pending Jobs” and below it a “View Proof” button will appear. This will lead you to the same proofing page described above.

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