Preparing a “Print-Ready” file for online printing

In order to produce a high quality printed product, it is important for customers using online print websites to understand what makes a file “print-ready.” By definition, “print-ready files are files that follow all our guidelines and require almost no intervention to print.” An Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file is the preferred “print-ready” format. However, a pdf file can only be considered “print-ready” if certain guidelines are followed when preparing the file:

When preparing a print-ready file using a graphics or page layout program such as the Adobe Creative Suite products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc) or Quark XPress, the process involves using the Export command, found in the File menu. Our website provides step-by-step/screen-by-screen tutorials to assist customers through this procedure.

While most graphic professionals use the Adobe and Quark products, many “do-it-yourself-ers” rely on products such as Corel Draw or Microsoft Publisher. These programs can also produce print-ready files suitable for commercial printing, by using the “wizards” provided by the program. For guidance, visit the built-in “Help” menus of these programs, or the online information provided by the vendors:

Following these guidelines, and CAREFULLY CHECKING THE RESULTING PDF before uploading will greatly reduce the possibility of error and accelerate your job through production.

Our goal is to help customers achieve the best printed results,  with a worry-free and smooth workflow — without having to become desktop publishing experts.


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