Which coatings should you select for your printed products?

One of our most popular products, 4 color brochures, can be ordered with two types of coatings. How do you decide which to select for your job?

Aqueous (AQ) coatings are fast-drying, water-based, protective sealants particularly resistant to smudges and fingerprints. AQ coating is a thin subtle coating applied to print, strictly for protection and to allow the printing of the backside immediately. In most cases, unless you know what to look for, there is only a subtle difference in sheen to the AQ coated side of a job. Aqueous is similar to watered-down version of the white glue like you may have used in grade school. Aqueous is offered standard on all of our coated stocks, and for brochures, AQ coatings are available in Satin or Semi-gloss finishes.

Advantage of aqueous coating over conventional varnish:

  • Higher gloss
  • Better clarity
  • Faster drying
  • Will not yellow with age
  • Higher abrasion
  • Higher rub resistance
  • Environmentally friendly (water-based)
  • Glossier finish on lesser grade papers

UV Coating is a plastic-like extremely glossy coating that is applied to print to offer a durability and extremely high gloss hard finish that is not available with AQ coating. UV coatings are solvent free and emit no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). UV coating hardens on the sheet by applying a high intensity Ultraviolet light. This process is similar to the process dentists use to “seal” molars. Since UV coating is chemical and abrasion resistant, if you don’t need to write on the product after it is printed, and you prefer a super-glossy finish, this is your best option. Cutting accuracy also is affected slightly as it is hard to cut a stack of slippery sheets, even with cutting edge equipment, and sharp operators. At this time, UV is only offered on our 14pt products.

Advantage of UV coating over other coating methods:

  • Highest gloss
  • Better clarity
  • Higher abrasion
  • Higher rub resistance

You can create visual impact by adding contrast to your printed piece with a Spot UV Coating. This extremely glossy coating creates an eye-catching effect that instantly gains people’s attention. Spot UV is not a raised coating. Please check our Help center for directions on how to prepare your file to include a SPOT UV layer.

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